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Areas Of Interest Modeling, Simulation and Fabrication of Semiconductor Devices, 2D Materials based Devices, Machine Learning for Semiconductor Devices

B. Tech- Electronics and Communication Engineering, Chirala Engineering College, JNTU Kakinada

M. Tech-Electronics and Instrumentation, ECED, NIT Rourkela  

Ph.D.- Thesis titled"Modeling and Simulation of Subthreshold Characteristics of Short-Channel Fully-Depleted Recessed-Source/DrainSOI MOSFETs"  NIT Rourkela

UG Courses

  1. Electronic Circuits II
  2. Basic Electronics
  3. Microelectronics Technology
  4. Solid State Devices
  5. Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
  6. Nanoelectronics

PG Courses

  1. VLSI Technology


Completed: 1

1. Sandeep Moparthi - 2022

Title of the Thesis: Device and Circuit Level Performance Analysis of Negative Capacitance Silicon Nanotube (NC SiNT) FETs For Low-Power Logic

Ongoing: 2

2. Sasikiran Suddarsi (Feedback FETs)

3. Ghazala Shakeel (Negative Capacitance FETs)

M. Tech.

Completed: 3

1. Ramesh Lavudi (Thin-Film Transistors)

2. Aadarsh (Junction-Less Transistors)

3. Siva Arnipalli (Dual Stack Nanosheets FETs)

Ongoing: 2

1. Dharma Nayak

2. Sampath Kumar

B. Tech Major Projects

Completed: 5

1. Automated Seed Sowing Agribot

2. Smart waste management System

3. Rescue Robot for Borewell

4. Prediction of Electrical Characteristics of SOI MOSFET using TCAD-Aided Machine Learning

5. Health Monitoring Smart Watch

Ongoing: 2

1. Computation and Analysis of Excitatory Synapse and Integrate & Fire Neuron

2. Medical Image Analysis

1. Faculty advisor of 2018-2022 ECE B. Tech Batch

2. Examination Coordinator (ECED) (2018-2020) 

3. Lab Incharge (PSoC Lab) (2018-Present)

4. Member, B Tech mini-project evaluation committee (2018 - 2019)

5. ECE Association- Faculty In-charge (2020-Present)

6. Warden A hostel (2021-Present)

7. Deputy Chairperson (PG Admissions) (2022-Present)

  1. Senior Member, IEEE
  2. Member, IEEE Electronic Devices Society