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Areas Of Interest Microelectronics, Electronic Instrumentation, Soft Robotics

Plasma Processing                           

'Plasma', the fourth state of matter, is an essential part of the unit processes associated with microelectronic device fabrication. Our group aims to develop Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) as a viable microfabrication technology. This entails fluid dynamic simulations, High voltage generation, High voltage instrumentation etc.

Thinfilm Transistos (TFTs)

TFTs are non-classical MoSFETs based on non-silicon materials. Our goup is interested in the charge transport and photoresponse of TFTs using ZnON and MoS2 as the active materials. The work entails analytical modeling, CAD simulations,  Fabrication and Characterization of TFTs using the facilities available at NIT Calicut and other centres.



B-Tech, GEC Kozhikode

MSc(Engineering), IISc Bangalore

PhD, IISc Bangalore


Scientist B, NSTL, DRDO

Research Associate, IISc 

1. Title: Development of zinc oxynitride based thindilm transistos for photosensing applications
Funding agency and scheme: NIT Calicut, Faculty Research Grant, 2019
Status: Ongoing

2. Title: Development of a diagnostic tool for Cold Atmospheric Plasma
Funding agency and scheme: SERB- Startup Research Grant, 2021
Status: Ongoing

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Basic Electrical Sciences (Theory; B.Tech) 

Digital Circuits and Systems (Theory & lab; B.Tech)

Electronic Circuits I (Theory & Lab; B.Tech)

Electronics Circuits II (Theory & Lab; B.Tech)

Electronic Instrumentation (Theory; B.Tech)

Nanoelectronics (Theory; BTech)

Electronic Packaging (Theory; M.Tech VLSI & EDT)

Related to Plasma Processing


COMSOL Multiphysics




Vacuum chambers

High voltage powers supplies

High voltage probe

High speed multimeter


Related to Microfabrication


Silvaco TCAD


Experimental (fabrication)

Multi target RF Sputtering system

Single target DC Sputtering system

Thermal Evaporation system

Fume hood

Substrate Annealing and Cleaning facilities


Experimental (characterization)

DC Probe station