Associate Professor & Head

Room ECED-1 : 204
Office Phone 04952286700
Mobile 7306258539
Areas Of Interest Semiconductor Devices: Modeling and Fabrication, Power Semiconductor Devices, SiC Power MOSFETs

Professor (HAG)

Room ECED-1 : 205
Office Phone 0495 2286704
Areas Of Interest Speech and Audio Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, Wavelets, Cryptography


Room ECED-1 : 209
Office Phone 0495-2286706
Mobile 91-9446930650
Areas Of Interest Wireless Communications, Communication Networks
Room ECED-1 : 206
Office Phone 0495-2286726
Areas Of Interest Image & Video Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing
Room ECED-1 : 203
Office Phone 0495-2286725
Areas Of Interest Channel Coding, Cryptography, Multimedia Security and Secure Signal Processing
Room ECED-1 : 305
Office Phone 0495-2286720
Areas Of Interest Wireless Communications, Estimation Theory

Associate Professors

Room : 304, EC I Block
Office Phone 04952286710
Mobile 08547616464
Areas Of Interest Low Power Analog IC Design, VLSI Architectures for Signal Processing, Neuromorphic Chip Design
Room ECED-1 : 301
Office Phone 04952286707
Areas Of Interest Signal Theory
Room ECED-2 : 301
Office Phone 0495-2286721
Areas Of Interest Statistical pattern analysis, Computer Vision, Medical Image Analysis, Drone Analytics
Room ECED-1 : 201
Office Phone 0495-2286716
Mobile 9446204157, 7025510787
Areas Of Interest Machine Learning, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Deep Learning
Room IT-Lab : 102
Office Phone 9549654235
Areas Of Interest MEMS and Bio-Sensor
Room ECED-1 : 303
Office Phone 0495-2286709
Mobile 9447415558
Areas Of Interest Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures and Algorithms , Digital System Design ,Embedded Systems, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
Room ECED-1 : ECEB1-302
Office Phone 0495-2286712
Areas Of Interest Electronics and Communication Engineering

Assistant Professor Grade I

Room ECED-1 : 401
Office Phone 0495 2286731
Areas Of Interest Wireless Networks, Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Image Processing
Room ECED-2 : 307
Office Phone 6713
Areas Of Interest Statistical Signal Processing and Bayesian Machine Learning
Room ECED-2 : 303
Office Phone 0495-2286723
Mobile 9496818039
Areas Of Interest FPGA/ASIC Implementation of Signal Processing/Neural Network Architectures, Digital VLSI Circuits/Systems, DSP Algorithms/Architectures, Multirate Filters and Filter Banks
Room : NLHC - 306
Office Phone -
Mobile +91 9198793266
Areas Of Interest 1) Compact Modeling and Numerical simulation analysis of Semiconductor devices; 2) Research in sub-THz and THz frequency range: Imaging, electrical characterization, Circuit and System Design; 3) Electronics for Quantum Computing Application; 4) Application of Machine Learning in Semiconductor device research.
Room ECED-2 : 307
Office Phone 0495-2286733
Mobile 8074317117, 8465073963
Areas Of Interest Modeling, Simulation and Fabrication of Semiconductor Devices, 2D Materials based Devices, Machine Learning for Semiconductor Devices
Room ECED-1 : DB101
Office Phone 0495-2286732
Mobile 9497467811
Areas Of Interest Speech and Audio Processing, VLSI Architecture for Digital Signal Processing, Digital IC design
Room IT-Lab : ITL 204
Office Phone 04952286718
Mobile 9495807919
Areas Of Interest Semiconductor device fabrication and modelling. gas sensors, Sensors, Thinfilms, Nanotechnology, MEMS,Machine learning for device optimization
Room IT-Lab : 102
Office Phone 0495-2286715
Mobile (0)9495255164
Areas Of Interest Electronic System Design, Control Systems, Electronic Circuits ,Electronic Packaging, EMI/EMC
Room ECED-2 : 202
Office Phone 04952286708
Mobile 09496370647
Areas Of Interest Medical Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP
Room ECED-2 : 302
Office Phone 04952286722
Areas Of Interest Micro/Nanoelectronics, MEMS, Modeling and Simulation of MEMS Sensors
Room ECED-1 : 207
Office Phone 04952286730
Mobile 9995335962
Areas Of Interest Digital Signal Processing, Multirate Filter Banks
Room ECED-1 : 202
Office Phone +914952286703
Areas Of Interest Microelectronics, Electronic Instrumentation, Soft Robotics
Room ECED-1 : Telecom lab
Office Phone 0495-2286771
Areas Of Interest Resource allocation in communication networks, Stochastic optimization

Assistant Professor Grade II

Room ECED-1 : NLHC-307
Office Phone 8075322651
Areas Of Interest Optimization, control and learning in networks
Room ECED-2 : 307
Office Phone 6701
Areas Of Interest VLSI Architecture Design, Image Processing, Medical Image Analysis, Multimedia Signal Processing, and Digital IC Design.
Room IT-Lab : 204
Office Phone 04952286736
Areas Of Interest Semiconductor devices - modeling and fabrication; Neuromorphic devices; Flexible and wearable electronics
Room ECED-1 : 208
Office Phone 04952286711
Mobile 9495575325
Areas Of Interest Integrated circuit design and CMOS image sensors
Room ECED-2 : 206
Office Phone 04952286701
Areas Of Interest Signal Processing, Image Processing
Room IT-Lab : 204
Office Phone 6774
Areas Of Interest Statistical Timing Analysis, Digital circuit design, CAD for VLSI
Room ECED-2 : 306
Office Phone 9997089321
Areas Of Interest Photovoltaics, Photodetector, Nanoelectronics devices
Room : NLHC-306
Office Phone 0495-2286777
Mobile 9177957376
Areas Of Interest Electronic System Design and Control, Internet of Things.
Room : Room No.- 206, ECED Block-II
Office Phone -
Mobile 8590244396
Areas Of Interest RF/ Microwave Reconfigurable Filters and Antenna, Microwave and millimeter-wave devices characterization, and other microwave passive circuits
Room ECED-2 : 209
Office Phone 04952286734
Areas Of Interest Signal Processing algorithms and VLSI Architectures, VLSI for communications, VLSI for multimedia, VLSI with Artificial Intelligence, ASIC design.
Room ECED-2 : eced
Office Phone 9930616587
Areas Of Interest Signal Processing and Machine Learning
Room : ECED II-304
Office Phone 0495-2286740
Areas Of Interest RF and Microwaves, Spin Wave Devices, Spintronic Devices, Spin Waves for Quantum Computing. Hybrid Magnonics
Room ECED-2 : 307
Office Phone 0495-2286772
Mobile +91-9901655223
Areas Of Interest Coding Theory and Applications
Room ECED-1 : 401
Office Phone 0495-2286775
Mobile +919074740347
Areas Of Interest Signal processing and resource allocation for wireless communications; Geometrical modeling of wireless channels; Machine learning for communications
Room : NLHC - 307
Office Phone 0495-2286776
Mobile 8106222670
Areas Of Interest Array Signal Processing, MIMO radar, PAPR reduction of OFDM & OTFS
Room ECED-2 : 307
Office Phone 04952286714
Mobile +918707835655
Areas Of Interest Speaker Recognition/Verification Automatic Speech Recognition Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events speech enhancement

Adjunct Faculty

Room : ECED Office
Office Phone +91 (80) 2293 2855
Mobile +91 (80) 2293 2855
Areas Of Interest MIMO signal processing & algorithms, Space-time coding for MIMO channels, Coding for multiple-access and relay channels, Interference alignment, Wired & wireless network coding, Index Coding, Coded Caching and Coded Computation with applications to Machine Learning, D2D and Vehicular Communications (V2X, V2V)